Ive been busy, not at what i'd hoped to be doing though

Getting Better

2013-06-25 20:58:13 by Clair5NG

New drawing, yaaay :|

First Attempt

2013-06-08 20:47:57 by Clair5NG

So i re-drew the drawing i scanned on ArtRage Studio 3 and attempted to colour it, this is the result. Opinions and pointers please?

First Attempt

First Project OC

2013-06-08 20:07:57 by Clair5NG

drew this while i was studying one night and decided to scan it to my laptop

First Project OC

So, i made my Newgrounds account today, awesome :p. Im kind of new to the whole computer drawing shit so guys dont bash me and say shit like,"O maah gahhhd you cant draw, your drawings fuckin kill urself you faag newb 8======D", and the like, it would be nice if you guys could give me pointers and stuff like that so i can make better quality work to show you guys, hope you enjoy my stuff :D.