Entry #1

Beginnings (may have spelled that wrong)

2013-06-08 20:02:36 by Clair5NG

So, i made my Newgrounds account today, awesome :p. Im kind of new to the whole computer drawing shit so guys dont bash me and say shit like,"O maah gahhhd you cant draw, your drawings fuckin kill urself you faag newb 8======D", and the like, it would be nice if you guys could give me pointers and stuff like that so i can make better quality work to show you guys, hope you enjoy my stuff :D.


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2013-06-08 22:58:26

if you took the time to notice it might have been spelled wrong why didn't you take the time to fix it.

Clair5NG responds:

Im just lazy like that sometimes, ill get to it eventually, i have some new stuff up tho so check that out